King Island -The Hidden Experience

We show you the hidden side of King Island

ONE DAY TOUR - Departs 9am, returns 3.30pm/4pm - Full Day Touring

The journey starts at King Island Wilderness Retreat, Grassy, prior to departure at 9am in one our purposely built 4WD all terrain vehicles guided by locals that share with you their knowledge of Fauna, Flora & History.

We leave the road network and climb the pinnacle sand dunes to the east and discover the picturesque bays and coves not seen by the normal visitor to King Island. It is here where we break for the traditional morning tea. Hugging the coastline, sighting shorebirds and learning about the 5th generation farming family of the Bowlings.

Onwards to Seal River, following its mirror images cast in its tranquil setting and viewing gliding swans and inland wadders. Onto Big Lake, that takes us on a turn in direction, tracking to the West coast. Destination Seal Rocks Reserve and of course the 7000 year old Calcified forest. Within this location we break for a white tablecloth lunch. A true paddock to plate experience.

After lunch our journey carries us further south. Broadening your knowledge of our early history, sealers, lighthouses, kelp and its harvesters, all at the cold face that has weaved the fabric of Island life. Our journey will take us to the most southern point. An opportunity to explore flopsam & jetsam on the beach.  From here we journey back to the King Island Wilderness Retreat at around 4pm.

We guarantee that you will be talking about your experience with your friends long after your visit to King Island. 

Cost Per Person: $ 195.00
(Subject to availability and conditions apply.)


  • Full Day Touring
  • Morning Tea
  • Lunch-Whitetable cloth “Paddock to Plate Experience”
  • Tour size: Minimum 6, maximum 12. (Two 4WD buses available for each tour booking. If two buses are required for the one tour, please note that we have a maximum on 22 passages only)

For more information, or to book this tour please This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it