King Island Bird Watching Tour

King Island Bird Tour


Geographically, King Island is fast becoming the Noah’s Ark for bird salvation. Sparsely populated, with a coastline stretching more than 200Klms, provides the perfect habitat for nesting sites, shelter and feeding.   An area covering 1098 Square Kilometres boarded by a coastal fringe of sweeping beaches, rugged out crops, pastured plains, wooded areas, creeks & gorges, low marshy areas with reserves and state forest have all contributed to a diverse population of bird life.  This tour is conducted in a 4WD vehicle which will take you off road to private locations.  The whole tour is combined with the main icons of King Island and scenery not seen by main visitors.

DAY ONE: Upon arrival at King Island Airport you will be met by our local guide.   Our first day combines bird watching, history & sightseeing.   The boathouse, on the foreshore of Currie Harbour allows us to meet each other over lunch and view shorebirds.  The rest of the day will see us hugging the coastline, exploring the lighthouse area and a slice of our ship wreck history.  Along the coastal track we will see Petrels,  Prions, Gannets,  Cormorants,  Herons,  Pied & Sooty Oysters Catchers,  Rudy Turnstones and what is unusual to see pheasants amongst the storm cast kelp.  This journey sees us travelling along the British admiral beach depending on tide, giving us an up close and personal view of plovers.  We also visit the Kelp Factory.   From here we make our way to the King Island Motel, to settle you in for your evening meals and to recharge your battery for the morning’s early start.

DAY TWO: Sees us journey the hidden side of King Island.  Keeping some of our locations a secret as to enhance your experience and to have a minimal impact on these areas .  But what we can guarantee by the end of the day you will have had an incredible experience, taking in forest birds, coastal and wading birds.  Visiting  a private lake, viewing swans, ducks and an abundance of wildlife.  The tour includes the furthest most southern tip of King Island, Stokes Point, a great place to view mutton bird rookeries  and experience the lost and lonely side of King Island except to birds.  We also visit the calcified forest, the walk in tunes  your ear to the calling of native birds and then onto Seal Rocks, another spectacular location.  From here we journey back to our accommodation to make ready for the Nocturnal night tour taking in the fairy penguins.

DAY THREE: Sees us take a short journey to the forestry watching the early morning light cast its dapple shadows whilst the birds go about their morning business before settling into another day. From here we head north, travelling the Bicentennial road skirting the state reserve, home of the rare Orange Bellied Parrot also seeing many other species including Snipe & Quail.  Onwards to Penny’s Lagoon, the smallest suspended lake in the world.  A great spot for a cuppa, we will have to share the crumbs with the Wrens.  From here we visit one of the most spectacular beaches, Martha Lavinia which is a renowned nesting area for shorebirds.  Travelling onto the Wickham Lighthouse, the tallest in the Southern Hemisphere a great spot to view birds of prey.   We leave this area to view yellow rock, the wreck site of the Shannon. This area has a great viewing point overlooking King Island pastoral area and Yellow Rock River, combining water, coastal hills and shore birds.  From here we make our way home.

DAY FOUR: It’s our early morning coastal bird walk.   Not only is this spectacular in scenery, but it is seeing bird life at its best.  A combination of sweeping sandy beaches, rocky outcrops, elevated viewing platforms to watch the morning sun dance it magic across Bass Strait.  More often than not, watching the early morning sea eagles hunt their pray.  This part of the tour has so many diverse bird species.    After the walk we then settle into a cooked breakfast back at the King Island Wilderness Retreat.   We will then pack up leisurely and take you to one more bird watching site before departing to King Island Airport.



  • 4 Days fully guided Touring
  • 3 nights’ accommodation staying at King Island Wilderness Retreat - Based on Twin Share
  • 3 evening Meals
  • 3 Breakfasts
  • 3 Lunches
  • 2 Morning & 2 afternoon teas
  • Tour size: Minimum 6, maximum 12. (Two 4WD buses available for each tour booking. If two buses are required for the one tour, please note that we have a maximum on 22 passages only)

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